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Saturday, April 14, 2012


Every day we are passing through various experience.  Some may give happiness, some may give anger mood. some may give embarrassing situation.  But life is teaching us more experience and information.

To day i am briefing about  my experience.  What emotion I should have after getting into this.

I was doing some work in my house.  My neighbor uncle came and told me about the new picture 3 he saw recently, he explained about that picture, I too eagerly listening the story.  At that time, his friend entered in to his house and show sweet box to her.  She saw the sweet box eagerly and decided to pick one sweet, he immediately take back the sweet box and told her that you become aged don't eat, her face went down and took back her hand(but she is hardly 30years), that person laughed and gave the sweet to me and to that uncle and  gave the remaining sweets to the watchman and told bye to that lady and again laughed you become old so don't eat the sweet.  I felt very bad, I just starring that person and I asked why you are behaving like this without humanity.  He just shook his shoulder and went.

WHY people are hurting other's feeling, what they are getting by hurting, any happiness, truly speaking nothing only the revenge of the hurt ed person.

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